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Jiucheng LED lighting business losses without core technology development bottleneck

2016-12-15 00:04:06 Source:Shenzhen Hengda Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd.    Author:Admin    Visit:505
In the recently held "2011 China's low-carbon economy and industrial development forum", led lighting company Levin Di Optoelectronics Technology (Shenzhen), chairman of Deng Weiye revealed that 90% of the LED business losses, because many domestic manufacturers lack the core technology , In the innovative R & D investment is very small. Deng said Albert, LED companies focus on opening up the market at the same time, but also in the product technology to do their homework. The industry experts pointed out that the development of fanaticism exposed the industry defects, LED industry is facing core technology constraints, lack of standards and capital bottlenecks and other bottlenecks, by simply replacing the incandescent ideas have to change.

In the country to promote energy-saving emission reduction and low-carbon economy in the background, LED lighting industry, the rapid development momentum. Ministry of Industry and data show that from January to April 2011, LED industry investment to maintain rapid growth, the amount of investment has more than 30 billion yuan, more than 90% growth rate, a veritable investment hot spots. At present, China has initially formed the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, the northern region, Jiangxi and Fujian four semiconductor lighting industry gathering area, epitaxial wafer production, chip preparation, packaging integration, LED application of the initial composition of the industrial chain.

Policy support, the "National Medium and Long-term Science and Technology Development Plan" will be efficient energy-saving, long-life semiconductor lighting products included in the "priority areas and priority themes," the first priority theme. Local government has also increased the support of the industry, this month the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department issued the "second report on the organization of the provincial strategic emerging industries special funds LED industry project notice" revealed that in 2011 will be 4.5 billion focus Support LED industry development.

However, with the favorable policies to promote the development of domestic LED industry is also exposed to blow out many problems. The industry said that the lack of core technology, poor liquidity and lack of industry standards and other issues seriously restricted the LED industry.

HC DENG Bai research group vice president of ICT research Zhang thick, LED epitaxial wafers and chips account for about 70% of the industry profits, packaging about 10% -20%, LED applications account for about 10% -20%. At present, the country more than 4,000 LED companies, most of the packaging and downstream links in the industry's most critical substrate material technology, epitaxial wafer production core equipment, technology patents have long been monopolized by foreign enterprises. The epitaxial furnace and its related technology is the most high-end of the LED industry chain, mainly rely on imports of the situation greatly restricts the cost of the upstream industry chain (Figure 1) control.

This is precisely the high price of LED lighting products, one of the reasons. Deng Weiye introduced, nowadays LED lighting products accounted for a large proportion of government procurement, followed by industrial and hotel lighting, the proportion of civil procurement is still small. He said that Lai Di company's products are mainly exported to Japan, not a lot of reasons put in the mainland market is one of more than 10 times more than incandescent consider the price, consumers are difficult to accept. Deng predicted that the future of the LED industry will show polarization of the situation, or have the core technology to become industry giants, or through the industry reshuffle the loss of competitiveness transition or closure.

In addition to technical constraints, LED lighting is also facing the "detection standard" missing embarrassment. Deng said that the company's products in Japan have passed the PSE certification, but the absence of the relevant domestic industry standards, both in product specifications and energy-saving measurements on the lack of standards.

People's Bank of China Institute of Finance senior researcher Liang Meng is the People's Network reporter admitted that the current energy-saving company has become a "change light bulbs" company, in the building before the light bulb for another, what can achieve the lack of energy-saving effect of detection standard.

"There is no testing standards, product quality can not tell." Deng said Albert, the current application of standards around the different, resulting in cross-regional enterprises to open up the market encountered resistance. More importantly, in recent years, LED lighting in the landscape lighting and road lighting on a large area spread, the lack of standards will result in low-end redundant construction, waste of resources is not conducive to long-term development of the industry. Industry across the region to open up the market encountered resistance.

Lighting from the National Standardization Committee has learned that there are 12 on the LED lighting standards adopted by the basic validation, if the smooth progress of these standards after the approval of the relevant management approval is expected to be promulgated soon.

With the core technology, lack of standard test specifications compared to the lack of cash flow on the LED lighting business more directly. Deng Weiye introduction, pre-construction, research and development, promotion and other expenses have accounted for part of the enterprise funds, and some LED companies to provide products free of charge to rely on contract energy management way to recover funds, has let some enterprises come to the brink of collapse.

"Securities Daily" reported that the semiconductor lighting "Twelve Five" plan to be introduced, with the LED product national standards, some LED products are expected to be included in the enjoyment of financial subsidies, industrial lighting, commercial lighting may start a wide range.

But Zhang thick that LED blindly rely on the government's financial subsidies unrealistic, how through the core technology and excellent quality products to win market recognition is the key. At the same time, he pointed out that simply rely on LED lighting products to replace the idea of ordinary incandescent need to change, should be applied in the terminal innovation and work hard.

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