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New field of LED lighting materials nano-diamond come out

2016-12-15 00:14:15 Source:Shenzhen Hengda Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd.    Author:Admin    Visit:823
Carbodeon has developed nano-diamond and thermoplastic polymer blends, and to obtain a US patent license. The product has a good thermoplastic, can be applied to electronic products, electronic packaging, automotive, aerospace and mobile devices such as LED lighting.


Nano-diamond enhanced LED polymer heat sink

As is well known, diamonds are among the hardest natural minerals in the world and one of the most thermally conductive materials so that when the nanodiamonds are blended with the thermoplastic polymer in controlled amounts they enable the plastic material to conduct heat at a predetermined rate and have High wear resistance.
Nano-diamond injection of polymers for LED lighting products, mobile phones and other mobile devices to provide heat conduction advantages, and the Internet of Things to make any type of device possible. Wear resistance means that it can also be used in the aviation and automotive fields to ensure longer wear life in hard wear environments.

Carbodeon's nano-diamond technology, which includes thermoplastic composites, has been licensed under US Patent No. 9085723. As early as 2012-2013 Carbodeon found that the thermal conductivity of thermoplastic materials can be increased by relatively small quantities of nano-diamond was significantly enhanced, then the patent will be submitted to the application. Following the filing of the patent application, Carbodeon continued its research and development of the commercial application of the technology.

"The licensing of this patent demonstrates an important part of our nanodiamond composite product portfolio, which will ensure our market position by applying for and authorizing patent portfolio coverage, while our customers cover nanotechnology," said VESA Myllymaki, Chief Technology Officer, Carbodeon. Diamond applications, including thermal management applications polymer, wear - resistant corrosion - resistant nano - diamond metal surface polishing, wear - resistant / low - friction nano - diamond fluorocarbon coatings.

"The latest patent results mean that Carbodeon will accelerate the marketing of nano-diamond thermoplastics as thermally conductive fillers for LED lighting applications in electronics, electronic packaging, automotive, aerospace and mobile applications," said Gavin Farmer, Carbodeon's business development manager. "The future is limitless."

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