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Through technical glimpse of graphene in the field of LED lighting business opportunities?

2016-12-15 00:13:15 Source:Shenzhen Hengda Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd.    Author:Admin    Visit:437
OFweek semiconductor lighting network is currently found as the thinnest, the hardest, the strongest thermal conductivity of a new type of nano-materials, graphene known as the "black gold" is the king of new materials, scientists even predicted that graphene will completely change the two Eleventh Century, and on the application of graphene extraordinary news has been emitting the thinnest bulb in the history; cell phone charging only a few seconds ... ...

I believe that many researchers, enterprises have long been engaged in the application of graphene research, with the progress of technology, the future will start in the global scale preparation and application of graphene wave of industrialization.

So in the field of LED lighting, graphene can do? Here we lead from the perspective of a patent to a glimpse of the development of technology.

After a simple search in the Chinese database, found in the application of graphene lighting applications in China began in 2008, after an annual increase in the number of applications, has accumulated more than 1,000 patent applications, of which more than 90% of applicants from the domestic applicant. Mainly related to H01L and F21S two categories, F21S field applications are basically domestic applicants, mainly the use of graphene thermal conductivity, coating and light source or lamp surface heat, the applicant more, mainly in enterprises and individual applications , Do not do more in this description.

In the H01L field, the top ten applicants are mainly domestic research institutes and universities, enterprises have BOE, IBM and South Korea's Samsung, which IBM's application is mainly in the field of power semiconductor devices, Samsung's application involves LED, OLED and display devices such as lighting. The following is Samsung in the field in China has made a summary of the patent application for your reference.

As can be seen from the table:

1, Samsung in the field of lighting on the graphene patent applications in China in 2011 after the start of the basic have not yet been authorized. This shows that in the field of patent applications, giants are not in the lead in time than the number of the future situation, there are still many variables. Domestic enterprises to step up research and development, enhance intellectual property awareness, is expected to catch up with foreign companies.

2, these patents are mainly related to LED, OLED and display devices, in general, can be divided into two categories:

1) subversion type: Patent 1 as the representative of the graphene material to replace the current semiconductor compound light; that is, using another way to achieve the same purpose, to subvert the previous practice.

2) improved: patent 2-8 as the representative of the original structure to add a layer of graphene material (3,4,6,7,8), due to the transparency of graphene, conductive, thermal conductivity and a series of advantages, additional And then can make up for deficiencies, so as to obtain a significant technical effect; or directly to graphene material for the original material (patent 5), so as to obtain significant technical results. To improve the majority of patents, patents such technology is relatively low degree of difficulty, the strength of domestic enterprises in this type of patent application is not weaker than foreign companies, and long-term foundry, technical staff has accumulated a lot of relevant experience, more easily combined with new materials Characteristics, proposed improved technical solutions.

In summary, the application of graphene in the field of lighting technology development is still in the growth stage, and the leading edge of foreign companies is not obvious, domestic enterprises and R & D institutions to strengthen investment, I believe there is an opportunity to catch up with foreign technology in the future market Get a place.

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