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Discussion on the Development of LED Market

2016-12-15 00:01:51 Source:Shenzhen Hengda Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd.    Author:Admin    Visit:591
September 8, 2012, to "optimize the layout of the LED lighting industry to achieve leapfrog development" as the theme of the "2012 Northeast Asia Lighting Technology and Application Innovation Forum" in the Changchun International Convention Center was held. As the theme of the Eighth Northeast Asia Trade Fair activities, this forum attracted more than 200 people from all over the country semiconductor lighting industry, the active participation of experts and scholars. The forum focused on the semiconductor lighting industry development status and problems, technology development and new applications, standards and other issues related to in-depth discussion.

Philips LumiLEDs Lighting Company Asia Marketing Director Zhou Xuejun delivered a speech entitled "semiconductor lighting global market development status and trends" speech. He detailed the development of the LED market segments, including alternative bulbs, outdoor applications, retail and hotel applications, office applications and other segments, as well as the world's major areas in the segment performance and progress.

According to Strategies Unlimited, in 2010, global HB LED market penetration in general lighting is only 7%, backlight, mobile electronic penetration of more than 25%, the future there is a great market growth. Expected 5 years, the general lighting market LED penetration is expected to reach 43%. The Philips lighting forecast for this more optimistic, is expected to reach 45% by 2015. Zhou Xuejun said that to promote LED large-scale application of the first wave of landscape lighting, the second wave of shopping malls and hotel lighting, LED light bulb is the third wave of applications, the next will be office and industrial lighting applications, but the current See LED in the field of application of the advantages of the office is not as obvious in other areas, further price decline will be in the field of office applications have a great role in promoting. The power LED in the price of a significant advantage, because of its lm / $ indicators have a very bright performance.

LED alternative bulb market, the most prominent performance in Japan, the current market penetration of up to 50%, but now the Japanese market has also been some new problems. LED replacement lamp life is very long, after the application of LED lamps, then the replacement cycle was significantly elongated, which obviously has great impact on the follow-up market, the existing channels, distribution, and even manufacturing sectors have put forward new challenges. This advantage because the LED market confusion, it is worth every thoughtful colleagues.

Outdoor applications can be said that the most important indicator is the return on investment, the current indicators have been shortened from 5-7 years to 2-4 years, which open up the outdoor LED lighting market impact is far-reaching. In addition, the current road lighting LED color rendering index of the general requirements of more than 70, Zhou Xuejun expressed reservations about this, because the outdoor lighting and interior lighting are very different, it is more meaning is the pursuit of color rather than the pursuit of Degree of reduction, while the high color rendering index must mean sacrificing light efficiency. In the color temperature, a large number of research shows that, compared to high color temperature, low color temperature (4000k or so) is currently more recognized and accepted by more areas, with the warm light LED luminous efficiency, which will also be the future trend of development.

Retail stores and hotel applications has its particularity, it light quality-related indicators put forward higher requirements, such as color, different time, the angle of color and so on. LED penetration in the field of applications is also increasing year by year, only 9% in 2011, is expected to reach 43% by 2015.

Office applications is very broad prospects, the penetration is not too optimistic in the field, in this area, LED lamps and lanterns main competitor for the T5, T8 lamps and other products. LED lighting requirements in the luminous efficiency, color, light quality, light safety, etc. have a better performance.

Finally, Zhou Xuejun said that the lighting market is a complex, decentralized, diversified market, different market requirements for LED lighting is not the same, need to provide different, specific solutions. But the light quality, Lm / $ ,, Lm / W is still driving the development of LED lighting industry, the core requirements. The first wave of LED revolution has ended, we now face the problem is how to LED penetration into all lighting, and for these areas to provide appropriate solutions.

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