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COB surface light source of the main advantages

2016-12-15 00:00:49 Source:Shenzhen Hengda Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd.    Author:Admin    Visit:582
COB surface light source of the main advantages

1. Astigmatism light source, no dazzling glare. Particle LED light source the greater the power the more dazzling light, not suitable for children to use the family, but the LED light source production process to solve the glare glare problem, the use of a wider and safer.
2. High thermal conductivity, low light failure, long life.
Led the second generation led packaging technology, poor heat design, led the second use of a large number of radiators after welding can not quickly derive heat, led to the finished product led lamps light fast decline. Led surface light source using cob process to abandon the straw hat and patch lamp beads metal bracket packaging mode, the chip mounted directly on the excellent thermal conductivity of the metal substrate, the heat efficiency than the lamp beads led light source to improve several times , A significant reduction in the light of the led light failure, effectively guarantee the life of led lamps.
3. Light uniform, no color.
 Single high-power LED light source to improve the use of most of the lens light effect, which increases the cost and make the light angle becomes smaller; and the use of multiple pieces of led lamp beads of light will appear uneven light and ghosting phenomenon. Led surface light source is the whole surface of the package, advanced technology perfect solution to the problem of uneven light led beads, the whole surface of light, light uniform light efficiency is good, is the future of indoor lighting with energy-saving light source of choice.
4. Stable performance, easy assembly, easy application.
Led lamp beads into a single lamp assembly requires the second re-assembly of the whole lamp, high cost, more failures, virtually a substantial increase in the cost of production enterprises; led surface light package molding the whole to achieve the led lighting light source modular Production, users do not need to secondary processing can be used, simple to use, can be directly applied to the entire lamp production, suitable for extensive promotion.
5. No flash strobe, no UV band, green, more in line with energy saving and environmental protection needs.

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